mis amores

So I totally lied… I KNOW I said in my last post that I’d update “tomorrow” and that was like 4 days ago, but things got busy… Flight back to Canada, starting up school again, catching up with friends, etc.

Spain was amazing. that’s all i’m saying about it. kinda.

i have a huge problem falling in love with people… or maybe i just think too much about it… don’t get me wrong, i love my friends and my family, but as tv and movies and cosmo have taught me, loving someone isn’t the same as being IN LOVE… being in love requires some kind of romantic feelings… i think… i’ve been in lust countless times, but i can’t really say that i’ve been in love, i mean maybe i have and i’ve just never realized or maybe not… it’s irrelevant. anyway… back to my original point… me + being in love with guys = doesn’t happen. however, i have been in love…. with cities… as weird as that may sound… i adore travelling, and i haven’t been to nearly as many places as i’d like, but i’ve been to enough places to have fallen in love. par exemple:

-montevideo [my birthplace and also my favourite city in the whole wide world, nothing will ever change that]
-buenos aires [been there a couple of times, still want to go back]
-boston [only been here once, it was december. this is weird because for me to have liked a place during winter is rare, to have actually fallen in love is ridiculous. that’s how nice boston is. also why i am a huge celtics fan]
-toronto [go there.]
-montreal [ahh the french canadians.]
-garopaba [tiny little beach town in brasil. love ♥]

now, to anyone who knows me, ottawa and boulder are clearly missing from that list, and i’ll address that in a second. but first, notice that all of these are big cities. 1,000,000+ inhabitants (except for garopaba, but it’s brasil and it’s on the beach… how can you not love it?). i have a REALLY hard time liking small cities. obviously, i enjoy them, but they just don’t have the same effect on me that huge cities do… quite frankly, i tend to get bored.

now, back to the boulder, co and ottawa problem. i lived in louisville, co for six years, but i’m not even gonna kid anyone about it… i didn’t like it. it was small and boring. i have a ton of awesome friends from there, but the city itself just doesn’t do it for me. however, boulder was about a 15 minute drive from louisville and as anyone who has ever been to boulder, it’s really, really awesome. however… remember that distinction that i made before about “love” vs “in love”? well… i love boulder, but i’m not in love with it. it’s kinda like how i feel with my family. i love them to death and i’d do anything for them, but sometimes i get really frustrated with them and need to get away. that’s how it was with boulder.

now ottawa. i’ve lived here for a year and a half, and for the first six months i really didn’t like it… but can you really blame me? i moved here in september and had to suffer through an ottawa winter and to top it off, although it has approximately 1 million people, it often feels like a small town. then, in april i went back to spend the summer in toronto, and it was still kinda cold. THEN, in august i visited. and i saw ottawa in the summer. and my hate towards it seriously disappeared. byward market, rideau canal, parliament…. summer in ottawa is so much better than the winter. this winter hasn’t even been so bad, parliament all snowy is gorgeous and i’m gonna skate on the canal when they open it and i’m relatively excited about it. so, i’m not YET in love with ottawa, but i’m planning on spending the summer here this year, so it may very well be that i will soon be able to add it to the list above.

now, i’m not done with this because i’ve yet to talk about my experience in spain, but i have class to go to, so i will finish this after. i promise this time.



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