i have an amazing friend over at la casita inspirada. i know her back from my colorado days and luckily, we’ve kept in touch 🙂

she awarded me the “stylish blogger award”, and, as a (not so) secret narcissist, i’m thrilled! she’s the only person who i know personally that knows i have this blog, but really, it’s a manifestation of my self-love. i simply adore talking about myself, and i have used this blog as an outlet for doing so in order to not bore the people in my life with excessive chatter about myself.

anyhow, due to this award, i must:

1. Make a post linking back to the blog that nominated me.

2. Share 7 things about myself.

3. Award 10 recently discovered bloggers.

4. Tell those 10 awesome bloggers just how awesome they are.

alright so

1. post linking me back to the person who nominated me:

possibly one of the best friends a person can ever hope to acquire (and no, this is not flattery, it’s honesty), i’ve known her for 8ish years now. we “baked” together – the reason that is in quotation marks is because of the time we spent in the kitchen, only about 25% of the time was actual baking – in the little club we called the parisian cigarettes. she is the number one most creative person i know and her blog definitely shows that. i wish i lived with her so i could eat all of her delicious creations. and i solemnly swear that once my atm-on-wheels business kicks off i will hire her as my personal chef and pay her solely in chocolate. also, i own her soul. caitlin: je t’aime and i miss you sooo much.

alright, so that’s a love letter more than an actual post about my dear, dear friend, but i will most definitely be talking about her again

number two. seven things about myself

ahhh, my favourite topic. lets see if i can do this quickly and with no rambling:

[1] my favourite colour is white. and don’t bother telling me white isn’t a colour. i don’t care. it’s my favourite and therefore i get to decide what qualifies and what doesn’t.

[2] i’ve lived in canada for only two years, yet i can’t stand the thought of certain words without that extra “u” (favourite, colour, harbour). and, yes, i do say “eh”. all the time. but, no, i do not say “aboot” instead of “about”.

[3] i wish i could split myself into multiple selves so that i could visit multiple places at once for longer periods of time.

[4] if i could, i would spend the rest of my life travelling. damn you, expenses!

[5] although i want to see every inch and corner of the world (except you antarctica. i don’t like you), if i were to plan a trip right now my first choice of destination would be uruguay, country of my birth and not exactly somewhere new and foreign.

[6] i don’t like typed capital letters in informal things, as you may have noticed, but in my handwriting, all my q’s are capitalized regardless of its position in a word or sentence. sorry, lower-case q’s, but you’re kinda ugly. also, this is kinda weird considering i’m kinda neurotic with grammar and spelling and hate e.e. cummings for thinking he could break its rules. does that make me a hypocrite?

[7] i’m a hypochondriac when it comes to appendicitis. slightest pang in my side and i freak out thinking my insides are exploding and i’m going to need some seriously urgent surgery.

seven already?! dammit! alright, alright, moving on:

III. award ten newly discovered bloggers

i’m gonna do favourites rather than newly discovered (sorry, i just don’t read that many!):

{1} la casita inspirada – i don’t care if this is cheating, she deserves it

{2} sparkling ink

{3} love and olive oil

{4} 17 and baking

{5} cake wrecks

{6} dear girls above me

{7} hit RECord

{8} mark hoppus’ blog

{9} mr. today

{10} fell down the rabbit hole

quatre. je vais, je vais

violà, my top ten. enjoy. i’m off to write an outline for my english paper

ta mañana. xx.

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. summersher
    Jan 26, 2011 @ 12:57:55

    XOXO sending lots of love to canada.
    and lord knows your stylish, so awarding you only made sense. je t’aime as well (and beyond that my french only goes places like “Hey, I’m a Cat!!” and “I’m a sweeter candy than you are,” so I’ll leave my french usage right there… (it’s better than my german, but you never know, one day I may find myself in Munich REALLY needing ot tell people “Ich bin eine Mikrowelle” or you know, my name.)


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