it’s too much to simply be called a demonstration. this is a revolution. and regardless of the results, egypt is going to be a changed country once this is over. it saddens me that it was unable to happen as it did in Tunisia, where Ben Ali realized he wasn’t going to win and fled. but no, there have been deaths and violence and Mubarak refuses to back down. i don’t see this being resolved any time soon, but i hope i’m wrong.

talking to my mom over the weekend, she compared it to the 80s in South America and the fall of the dictatorships there. she and my dad lived through it and it was not pretty. hopefully it’ll be over soon and without many more deaths.

Mubarak, just step down. your people don’t want you as their leader and thus, you are not worthy of being their leader.

I made this point in my political theory discussion group: I am not advocating democracy. It works great in the Western world and I am definitely happy living under the regime that exists in Canada. However, it’s not up to us to decide what’s best for the people of Egypt, or Tunisia, or Iran, or Afghanistan. The people have to decide that for themselves and the process is one that takes time. Imposing democracy upon non-democratic countries is naive. Just because it’s what works in Europe and in North America doesn’t mean it’s what’s best for everyone else. The question asked in my discussion group was “Is democracy good and non-democracy bad?” No. That’s not how it works. Democracy is good for us, but it may very well be that democracy is bad for someone else. I don’t believe in absolutes when it comes to politics. It’s not always good or always bad, simply because there are so many factors (culture, individual, geography, history, etc.) that affect the politics of a country. The people under the influence of a certain regime alone can decide whether or not that regime works for them.

And that’s what has happened in the Middle East: it was not working for them, so they decided to change it. Without help from anyone else.

And that’s the way it should be. If a majority of people are unhappy with their situation, things will change. Now, it’s too late for Afghanistan, all we can do now is let their people decide how they want to be governed, but please, powerful countries of the world (United States. China.), let other countries deal with their own internal affairs. You may not like them. They may not look like yours. But that does not make them unjust or evil. So please, let the people who are affected by the government decide how their country works.


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